Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start using the service?

From the time we receive your confirmation, it will take about 72 hours to receive the digitized menu and login credentials for your management system. From there on you can start using MiDika right away.

I already have a digital/paper menu do I have to upload it myself?

No, with MiDika we will take care of the setup of your menu on the platform.

Who is MiDika designed for?

MiDika is a solution designed and built to facilitate the transition to digital for all types of establishments in the Ho.Re.Ca sector (restaurants, bars, pizzerias, pubs, bistros, wine bars, trattorias, lidos, etc.).

I have multiple locales, how do I do it?

No problem: with MiDika you can manage multiple tasks from the same management system, easily and intuitively.

Do my clients have to installe an app to view the menu?

No, MiDika is all web-based so all you need is an internet connection and a browser to allow your customers to view your menu

Is the choice of features customizable?

Sure, with basic MiDika you will always have the digital menu and then you can choose whether to add a table reservation at a later date. For more information visit our pricing page.

If I need to make a change to the menu, can I do it independently?

Of course, MiDika's menu is fully customizable on your own: from the manager you can change prices, dishes, images, etc. in real time. For example, you will be able to change the day's menu in a few moves just before the service starts.

Can I set time slots to allow table reservations?

Of course, with MiDika you will have complete flexibility in managing time slots, closing days, vacations, etc.

Is there a customer service I can contact?

Yes, you can contact MiDika Customer Support for free via the chat on the site or by calling +39 351 989 6805

How do I figure out which plan to choose?

You can request a free consultation by calling +39 351 989 6805 at any time. In general, however, if you have more menus it is advisable to go with the Plus plan than the Starter, and if you want to have access to the table reservation function you will need to activate the Pro plan.

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